Show Policies

Accessibility Policy

Boston Crypto Con is committed to treating those with disabilities with complete dignity and respect.  People with special needs are entitled to the same, full access as everyone else.  People with disabilities are required to pay full admission, but one caregiver/attendant is entitled a complimentary pass to the Convention. 

Bag Checking Policy

Attendees with any type of bag (backpack, purse, etc.) will be asked to join a line for a bag check. If you are attending  without a bag, your entry will be faster. Bag check is in effect every  time you re-enter the building. 

Admission Pass Policy

Admissions passes are to be worn visibly during the duration of the event.  If you have a 3-Day Pass, you must bring it each day and wear it; no one can be admitted without a pass. 

Harassment Policy

Boston Crypto Con Has A Zero-Tolerance Harassment Policy. Threats, threatening language, or any other acts of aggressions, violence or sexual harassment made toward or by any attendee/exhibitor/staff will NOT be tolerated.  For purposes of this policy, a threat includes but is not limited to any verbal or physical harassment or abuse, attempts at intimidating, or instilling fear in others, menacing gestures, flashing of weapons, stalking, or any other hostile, aggressive, injurious and /or destructive actions undertaken for the purpose of domination or intimidation.  Upon confirmation of harassment allegations, immediate action will be taken up to and including immediate removal from the event with no refund.